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THE FORM: 1970-1979

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THE FORM: 1970-1979
a form filled out by 100 artists and citizens
author: Melody Sumner Carnahan
production: Michael Sumner
208 pages, 11 x 8.5 inches, offset, sewn signatures, paper covers
BURNING BOOKS, 1979, 2003
$19.50 buy it here

During 1978 and 1979 Melody Sumner Carnahan sent out over 100 copies of the blank form with a brief note to friends, family, and artists she admired. Nearly everyone responded without knowing what, if anything, would be done with the completed forms. The result was this unique book containing 100 of the filled-out forms.

Background: see Carnahan’s chapter in At a Distance: Precursors to Art and Activism on the Internet (MIT Press, 2005).

Purchase Award from the Art Institute of Chicago


Vito Acconci
Jack Ahern
Charles Amirkhanian
Steven R. Amos
Carl Andre
Robert Ashley
Thomas Van Aspinwall
Michael B.
John Baldessari
Joan Barbour
Theresa L. Boggis
John Cage
Gretchen Chilton
Courtney E. Cook
Tracy Lyn Cook
Virginia Cook
Doraine Couillard
Jim Crumley
Tom DeMeas
James Dickey
Jon F. Doll
Steven Dombi
Rebecca Dougherty
James Dowlen
Lark Drummonds [Brandt]
Linda Dunn
Pierre Dunn
Richard Elmore
Mollie Favour-Miller
Don Fleck
Wanda Fleck
Ken Friedman
Anthony J. Gnazzo
Bernardine Gramness
Gertrude Hackett
Robert D. Hempel
Dick Higgins
Otis Hill
George Jacky
Hans C. Jewkam-Wold
John “Fred” Kappes
Sonia Karapanagiotidou
J. Kemer
Ann H. Klappenbach
Richard Kostelanetz
Mary Lai
Stephanie Leberer
Richard Lyons
Bob McCullough
Pete McKloskey
Tom Marioni
Donald C. Meeker
Mark Melnicove
Mary Claire Meyer
Bradley R. Miller
Von Minor
Debra L. Mosher/Jack S. Adams
J. Muirhead
Opal Louis Nations
Mark R. Nelson
Keiichi Nishimura
Greg Nisotis
Susan Ornelas
Paul (Dow Jones)
James Perry
Dale Poppert
Florence Jo Porn
Genesis P-Orridge
Ru B. Ray [Ruby Ray]
Ed Ruscha
Mary Sheldon Scott
Jean K. Skoro
Joe D. Smith
Anne Soforth (Judy Stafford)
Joan W. Sowinski
Joan Stone
Mickey Strait
Michael B. Strong
Patrick Sumner
Paul E. Sumner
Shirle M. Sumner
Jan Thompson
Kristene Thompson
Steve Trash
Lee Trites
Cosey Fanni Tutti
Paul Vangelisti
Carmen Vigil III
Cynthia Lynn Wait
Andy Warhol
Rachel Warwick
Jack Watson
S.C. Wiedeman
Carol Williams
Steve Williams
M’Lou Zaher-Ollswang
John Zergan


the form & the letter
Thomas Van Aspinwall & Ru B. Ray
Richard Elmore & Mary Sheldon Scott
Ed Ruscha & John Baldessari
Vito Acconci & John Cage
Steven Dombi & Greg Nisotis
Andy Warhol & Richard Kostelanetz
Tom Marioni & Mollie Favor-Miller
Paul Sumner & Pete McKloskey
Carl Andre & Genesis P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle)