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TWICE THROUGH THE MAZE - Michael Sumner & Melody Sumner Carnahan

TWICE THROUGH THE MAZE    ISBN: 978-0-936050-48-5
10 x 8.5 inches  /  56-pages
A silent graphic opera in forty-eight episodes.
48 photographic works by Michael Sumner
and a detailed 3,200 word "synopsis" of the events
by Melody Sumner Carnahan .
"Best Books 2013" in THE Magazine
read review in Santa Fe New Mexican
See 23 sample images HERE.

Synopsis of the "synopsis" :
Two spoiled Olympians, Cronus (The Clown) and Rhea (his wife), throw a big party, which gets out of hand when the Minotaur (The Minister) and the Tokyo Coyote (the wild card) show up along with dozens of other uninvited guests including the overzealous Aphrodite (The Minister’s Illegitimate Daughter). Nobody agrees on exactly what happened but Theseus (The Heartthrob) and Hermes (The Investigator) struggle to make sense of it all. Meanwhile, Artemis (The Defector) goes on trial in The Unrepaired Synonym Theater.

$21.95  /  free shipping in the US