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A story of fate versus destiny, of knowing and defying the stars and the cards, written and produced by Sumner Carnahan. Commissioned for Aetherfest, KUNM-FM, 2003.

principal voices:
Susan Stone as Dido
Jay Cloidt as Aeneas

additional voices: Brett Bloomberg, Carol Boss, Tristan Clum, and Marghreta Cordero
original vocal music: Joan Stango
original piano score: Barbara Golden
additional music: Dueto Le Momo, Tina Marsh with the New Texas Swing Project, and “Weak Disguise” by Jakob’s Room
sound engineering: Maggi Payne, recorded at Mills College, Center for Contemporary Music
additional sound: Alberto Alcocer, Tristan Clum, and Michael Sumner
editing and mixing: Steve Peters

DIDO’S REVENGE / CD-R $7.00 - free shipping